C A R A   O   C R U Z

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Mariana is a normal middle-class girl who is about to marry Martín, the man of her dreams. Martín is a very rich, happy and kind young man, but he has a very weak heart due to a congenital defect, and he dies on his wedding night shortly after proclaiming himself the happiest man in the world. Mariana, who knew nothing of Martín's illness, collapses. Pursued by the press, she flees to the neighborhood where she was born and rents an apartment there with the name Aída. She soon discovers that her husband has left her in complete control of her family's assets, which not only brings her endless problems with her incredulous relatives, but also brings her closer to Ismael, Martin's partner and best friend. Mariana has no idea that Ismael has always been secretly in love with her. At the same time, she meets Armando Pescador, a smart and funny lawyer who lives in the same building as Aida. Mariana begins to feel attracted to Ismael, but "Aida" also begins to fall in love with Armando.


55 x 45'



Client: Telemundo

Company: Argos Televisión

Created by: Luis Zelkowicz, Eliseo Alberto

Directed by: Antonio Serrano, Jorge Ríos Villanueva

Executive Producer: Epigmenio Ibarra

Cast: Ana de la Reguera, José Ángel Llamas, José María Yaspik, Plutarco Haza


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