L A D R Ó N   D E C O R A Z O N E S

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Is a novel of intense passion, action, betrayal and drama that tells the love story between Gustavo Velasco, a thief by obligation, and Verónica Vega, an undercover police officer. Fate unites them to destroy a network of drug traffickers, responsible for the death of Gustavo's father. What no one suspects is that Antonio Vega, Verónica's father is the true murderer and is involved with the network. He is a ruthless and ambitious man whose great purpose in life is the excessive accumulation of power. He plays a double life, on the one hand he is a respected businessman, ex-high-level policeman and good father. On the other hand, he is the "boss" of the most fearsome mafia organization in the country, which he runs under the cloak of anonymity.


141 x 45'



Client: Telemundo

Company: Argos Televisión

Directed by: Walter Doehner, Silvana Zuanetti

Executive Producer: Sachiko Uzeta

Cast: Manolo Cardona, Lorena Rojas, Fabiola, Campomanes, Humberto Zurita


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