L A   H A B I T A C I Ó N   A Z U L

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Toño (Juan Manuel Bernal) is a man who decides to return to the town where he was born and where he left almost eight years ago to carve out a future in the great city of Mexico. He has married Ana (Elena Anaya), a Spanish student whom he met in the city, and with whom he has had a daughter. With studies and well located, he wants to start a business in the town. But what he does not have is the presence of Andrea (Patricia Llaca), an old classmate from high school, and whom he, a true conqueror at the time, ignored despite being the most beautiful of all. Now Andrea has married Nicolás (Mario Iván Martínez), the manager of the only local store that lives with her and her mother, a very possessive woman who cannot even see her daughter-in-law in painting. Nicolás has lung disease and has to wear the oxygen mask often. All that repressed desire is triggered with the return of Toño, and they start a relationship that will have fatal consequences in life, not only for them, but also for everyone around them.

Running Time: 104'

Thriller / Drama


Client: Twentieth Century Fox

Company: Argos Cine

Created by: Vicente Leñero

Directed by: Walter Doehner

Producers: Inna Payán, Epigmenio Ibarra, Carlos Payán, Eckehardt Von Damm, Luis M. Fernández

Cast: Juan Manuel Bernal, Patricia Llaca, Elena Anaya, Mario Iván Martínez


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