U N A M I R A D A Q U E C E L E B R A L A  V I D A

Argos Comunicación is an independent Mexican content producer for audiovisual media such as television and cinema. He has produced Backyard: El traspatio, Sex, modesty and tears or Hidalgo, the story never told in cinema or series such as Capadocia.


His proposals in the late 1990s helped transform the telenovela genre in Mexico into television series, with productions such as Nada personal and Mirada de mujer. Founded by Hernán Vera, Carlos Payán and Epigmenio Ibarra in the 1990s, it is currently headed by Ibarra, who for many years was a war correspondent.


Argos Comunicación has produced film, television and advertising for companies such as Discovery Networks, HBO, TV Azteca, Telemundo, ESPN, Venevisión, RCTV, Disney Channel, Cadenatres, MTV Latin America, Rede Globo and Imagen Televisión. In addition, he rents television studios.


The company started as the telenovela-production unit for TV Azteca with Nada personal and has since then produced many telenovelas for this network. It also co-produced Sexo, pudor y lágrimas in 1999 directed by Antonio Serrano who has directed five telenovelas and another film (Lucía, Lucía) with Argos. In 2001, Argos signed a contract with Telemundo to produce telenovels for this network and has since then produced nine, including Gitanas.


Argos also owns an acting school, CasAzul, a music unit, Argos Música, and a theater production unit, Argos Teatro. Most of the content produced by Argos is filmed in the majestic Estudios Churubusco that were used to produce all the films during the Mexican gold film era.

As of December 31, 2006 Argos will no longer be co-producing any new projects with Telemundo. Argos has made a deal with TV Azteca to start production of new content. They have Casablanca in pre-production which is slated to start sometime in February 2007.[needs update] Argos will finish up the production of Marina and a few episodes of Decisiones with Telemundo. Also for 2007 Argos is producing a mini-series for HBO Latin America starring Ana de la Reguera.

Epigmenio Ibarra


Carlos Payán


Hernán Vera


Verónica Velasco

Director Argos Contenido Original



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